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Jake & Jubi's

Co-founder Katie Liesmann credits her mom for introducing her to so many delicious foods, but when she lost her in 2013, it raised questions about the confusing accumulation of healthy eating advice. With so many conflicting opinions on whether or not certain foods were safe to eat, Katie confronted the issue head-on by creating snacks that fulfilled two simple requirements: They had to bring joy, and they had to be made from simple ingredients that were easy to understand.

Parker Creek Ranch

Since 1846, Parker Creek Ranch has been operating on land located 50 miles west of San Antonio. Owners Mandy, a fifth-generation farmer, and Travis, a seventh-generation farmer, are the current stewards of the land and they’ve played a big role in evolving their practices to fit the current century.

Emadi Acres Farm

“Smaller is smarter.” This is the philosophy embraced by Emadi Acres Farm, and it’s been quite the revelation for its sole farmer.