We are all farmers of the future

Driven by an absolute passion for helping local farmers thrive, we’ve harnessed the power of our proprietary technology and delivery systems to bypass the industrial food system, and connect small farmers directly with local customers.

Eliminating all the steps in the middle means we’re able to pay our farmers four times the revenue they receive from larger, grocery retailers and provide our subscribers with beautiful, in-season, locally-grown fruits and vegetables, eggs, milk and meats, along with carefully selected artisan products like nut milk and freshly baked bread. You read that right: by eliminating the middlemen and delivering the farmer’s product directly to the subscriber, our farmers often quadruple their income. And our subscribers get the absolute best farm-fresh food at a fair price. It’s like having the local farmer’s market delivered directly to your doorstep—with the benefit of supporting your small, nearby farms with a sustainable income. We think it’s a win-win.

We currently operate in Seattle (Washington), Portland (Oregon) and Austin (Texas) and have big plans to expand. Interested in seeing MilkRun in your city? Contact us and let us know! We’d love to hear from you.

How We Started

In 2018, after experiencing what it was like to start her own farm, our founder and CEO Julia Niiro designed the kind of marketplace and distribution system she would have liked to have access to — an efficient and profitable way to sell locally produced goods directly to customers.

So asked her farmer friends and neighbors if she could sell their products and deliver them into the city. Next she called her Uncle, a retired software engineer and asked him if he was interested in building an actual solution that can scale small farms instead of just selling customers on a marketing line. She bought a refrigerated van off of Craigslist and made her first deliveries to a group of preschool teachers that she took orders from on a sheet of paper.

MilkRun now works with over 300 farms and proudly serves Portland, Seattle, and Austin.

To learn more about Julia's story, watch Julia's talk at TEDx Portland 2019, on How To Save Farmers From Extinction.