Big is Busted

Today, our food supply is dominated by a few mega industrial farms and a growing gang of grocery giants. In fact, a 2019 study by the USDA reported that large-scale family and industrial non-family operations account for only about 5% of total farms, but generate more than half of production. On the flip side, small-scale family operations represent nearly 90% of farms, but only generate around 20% of production.

The same report also revealed that farmers are being short-changed by the big box grocery juggernauts, earning an average of just 14.6¢ of every dollar spent on food sold in grocery stores in 2018, compared to 40¢ in 1975. That’s a reasonable yield for mega farms pumping out pounds upon pounds of food with every harvest, but it’s not nearly enough for the small-scale family farmers we know and love to cultivate a fruitful, let alone sustainable, livelihood.

Small is Mighty

Simply put, it’s becoming damn near impossible for small farms to stand out, let alone avoid being stomped out entirely by the scale and speed of the grocery goliaths.

Helping those small farmers not just survive, but truly thrive, is the mission behind MilkRun. That’s why we make it easy for lovers of locally sourced food to buy directly from small farms through a recurring weekly subscription. Because we believe that if everyone in America makes even a little room on their plate for food sourced from small local farms, we can tip the scales back into balance and create a more equitable and profitable system where small farms can still play a big part.

Ultimately, achieving that balance means a stronger and more sustainable food system in your community, and a more secure food future for all of us.

How MilkRun Works

Shop. Subscribe. Eat. Repeat.

Choose your city. Select your weekly staples. Start your recurring subscription. It really is that easy to have delicious food from small local farms delivered to your door each week. Our recurring subscription makes it easy for you to plan your weekly shopping, and you can refine, pause, or cancel your order at any time. Have more questions? Check out our FAQ for all the details!

The Perks of a MilkRun Subscription

Easy -A recurring subscription with no minimum order, no subscription fees, and free, contactless delivery.

Honest -Full transparency from farm to plate, with detailed stories from the farmers, fisherfolks, bakers, butchers and producers who bring your box to life.

Impactful -Your dollars go directly to nearby small and mid-size farmers to help build strong and resilient local food economies.

Inspiring -Easy-to-follow, chef-developed recipes using the weekly featured ingredients from your box. Previously featured recipes include bitter greens with anchovy dressing, apple galette, how-to quick pickle, and cherry tomato confit.