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Our mission is simple: Start small

"MilkRun makes it easy for every home in America to buy even just their eggs from a local farmer. Because we believe that changing the world begins one neighborhood - and one egg - at a time."

- Julia Niiro, small farmer / founder

Three ways to enjoy MilkRun

Not just a grocery store!

What We Stand For

The system is busted and we're determined to fix it.

Small farms

It feels amazing to get your food from local farmers. 

We search far and wide to work with the best local farmers, bakers, & makers. 

Our belief in our producers is reflected in our commitment to our customers.

Big impact

Farmers appreciate that we all play in the same field.

Be it in the Hudson Valley of New York or the Columbia River Gorge in the Great Northwest, we all aim to be at the forefront of the process & practices of sustainable, regenerative agriculture.

The root

At the root, we are serving the small farmers as much as we are serving you. Our work is fueled by the values they practice every day.

Want to see what resiliency looks like? Look at your farmer.

The future

MilkRun has flipped the existing broken system to create a new hub-connected distribution network.

Now we empower local farmers and producers with the platforms to sell directly, boosting their sales and opening new channels of commerce.

MilkRun is on the mooove

We currently have roots in:
Portland, Seattle, Austin,
and we're just getting started!


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