Sourcing Standards

how we source

Our mantra "small is all"

When We Say Local, We Mean It

When grocery trucks haul your food an average of 1,500 miles to get to your local store, that’s not local. We strive to keep it under 150 miles* (usually far less than that) which means less pollution, less food waste, less cold storage. In turn, that means more business for our farming communities and more great local food on your table.

We Take the Distribution System by the Horns

We choose to empower the roughly  90% of small farms in the country facing extinction by delivering their produce ourselves. If mega-industrialized farming holds all the cards, we’ll have no more farmer’s markets, no more CSAs, no more responsible stewards of the land. We choose not to live in that kind of world.

We Choose Growers Who Make Our Planet Better

We share a common mission with our farmers, ranchers, bakers, fishermen and women: to promote regenerative agriculture, animal welfare, sustainable production, and equitable labor practices.

We Want You to Know Where Your Food Is From

If we’re talking traceability, here’s what it comes down to: You could walk into one of our freezers, point to a ribeye steak, and we could tell you the name of the person who raised them. We love that. You can also check out our  producer pages to learn more about our rad farmers, bakers and makers.

We Believe in More Money for Farmers

Our farmers earn 3-4 times more through us than traditional retailers! We do that by sourcing locally, cutting out the delivery, packaging and subscription fees, and eliminating shrinking profits divvied up as food passes through multiple exchanges (an unacceptable 10% cut in some traditional supply chain models).

… And More Time for Farmers

Some farmers wear multiple hats as bookkeepers, marketers, customer service reps, and in many cases — parents! We believe in alleviating some of these burdens by taking the reins of the nitty-gritty. (But we’ll leave the parenting up to them.)

*When We Source Outside Our Region

As already stated, our mission is to empower local farmers. Sourcing from beyond our radius is usually deemed necessary when one of the following occurs:

  • A diverse seasonal selection is limited
  • Extreme weather events disrupt the growing cycle
  • Our supply chain is interrupted by unforeseen circumstances
  • We’re highlighting a unique seasonal item from a farm we know and trust

In any case:We hold all our producers to the same high standards across the board.