Our Producers

Lightsey Farms

Meet Mary Lightsey of Lightsey Farms. Mary is born and raised Texan on land that’s been in her family for over 100 years. Now, she owns and operates that land to grow some truly remarkable produce.


Rambler was inspired by the crystal-clear limestone-filtered swimming holes that defined their childhoods. They’re committed to conserving these natural areas for future generations, which is why they’re proudly partnered with Texas Parks & Wildlife Foundation and American Rivers.

Wholesome Meats

Wholesome Meats is a mission driven, Texas-based beef brand dedicated to facilitating consumer adoption of regenerative agriculture. By partnering with family-owned ranches like Pure Pastures, Parker Creek Ranch, and Behind the Oaks Farm, they are able to offer your family premium, regenerative, 100% grass-fed ground beef.

Easy Tiger

Easy Tiger’s in-house bakery offers a selection of Old World hearth breads, European-style pastries, and signature soft pretzels— all baked fresh daily. Plus, they facilitate ways for folks to make their own creations at home. They frequently post recipes and they’ll even share their sourdough starter with you!

Animal Farm

Gita and Cas Vanwoerden planted their first seeds on the Animal Farm property over 20 years ago. The family was not impressed by supermarket produce and longed for the more flavorful produce. 

Steelbow Farm

Working five acres of leased land in Manor, Texas these two said they are getting back to their roots in the latest chapter of their farming journey, returning to the state where they learned to farm.

Crisp Farms

In addition to being one of the most environmentally sustainable farming practices, aquaponics allows operations like Crisp to grow vegetables year-round! 

Shirttail Creek Farms

Shirttail Creek Farm remains completely intact after more than 150 years and sits on the rolling Blackland Prairie just outside Brenham, TX, about halfway between Austin and Houston.