Our Producers

Fagan Family Farms

Fagan Family Farms is a USDA Certified Organic Farm in Kyle, Texas using a high tunnel farming system to grow crops year-round. To put it simply, the high tunnel is an isolated growing environment wherein sunshine warms and enriches the soil resulting in “solar gain.” This allows farmers to start growing plants earlier and even extend growing seasons into the fall and winter.

The Sourdough Project

Jen’s devotion to her wild-yeast starters began in part because of a sensitivity to gluten. Although not entirely gluten-free, sourdough cultures have the ability to break down gluten proteins that cause inflammation and sensitivity.

Basia's Pickles

Basia’s Gourmet Pickles are packed with a sweet, salty, garlicky, dill-y punch and we’re so here for it.

Barbara "Basia" Marynowski unleashed her bold and briney chips of wonder on the public in 2017, but she’s been honing her craft for years. As she puts it, they were: “Born in Detroit – Perfected in Texas!” 

In the beginning, her original recipe was crafted as a gift for family and friends over the holidays. It was an instant hit and she knew she had something big on her hands. Her culinary creations grew to include more styles of pickles, onions, relish, and even her own cookbook. Flash-forward to now and she’s running her own operation, gaining new fans (across the country) every day, and pumping out “the best damn pickles in the universe.”


So what makes Basia’s pickles so delicious? As a first-generation American, maybe it’s her foundation of old-world Polish roots coming through? Or that little bit of Detroit Rock City combined with big Texas flavor? Or maybe it’s that one secret ingredient that’s printed on every jar: Love. (We’re pretty sure you’ll have it figured out once you crunch into your first bite.)


Whether you snack on ‘em, chop ‘em up for your egg and tunafish salads, or make ‘em the finishing touch on your next burger, it all starts here: AddBasia’s Homestyle Pickles to your order today!

Texas Coffee Traders

We appreciate the giddyup of a good cup of coffee. It fuels our mornings, afternoons, (sometimes nights), and makes us appreciate even more the dedicated team of bean growers, roasters, baristas, and fair trade educators at Texas Coffee Traders.

As co-founder RC Beall describes it,it took a truly terrible cup of coffee in the middle of Montana to plant the seed of an idea for what would one day become Texas Coffee Traders. Fortunately for us, that cup set him on a new path of roasting his own beans and launching his first company in 1981, Montana Coffee Traders.

Over the next 13 years, RC’s poured his heart into his Montana coffee-loving community, but he never lost his thirst for knowledge. In 1990, he traveled to the Monteverde region of Costa Rica and met Carlos Vargas, the manager of a coffee-producing co-op called Santa Elena. RC learned all he could during the visit, and even roasted some of the co-op’s green beans for the farmers, many of whom had never tried their coffee.

During the trip, RC and Carlos outlined a fair trade relationship modeled after the European fair trade movement:

Having read about the fair-trade movement in Europe, RC offered to buy some of their green coffee at a price much higher than usual, along with the benefit of giving a dollar back to the farm for each pound sold. This established one of the first fair-trade relationships in the United States, and began a lifelong friendship between RC and Carlos.

And then came Texas. In the early 90s, RC returned to his roots to marry his childhood friend, Beth. The two opened Texas Coffee Traders in East Austin in 1994 and the company has been slinging lattes and roasting beans from all over the world ever since.

Through it all, they haven’t lost sight of their local mission to give back to the community in all their efforts: partnering with local nonprofits; donating thousands of cups of coffee to countless organizatons; hosting Thursday Night Throwdown latte art competitions; managing a fleet of espresso machine service technicians; and educating the community with a first-of-its-kind SCA-certified program. 

TCF’s love for Austin and its coffee-loving fans is what has us so excited to partner with them!

Add a bag ofCafe Monteverde Especial BlendCoffee Beans to your order today be a part of RC and Beth Beall’s incredible coffee journey.

Armagh Creamery

Of course this Irish family-run creamery is located in Dublin ... Dublin, Texas, that is.

Armagh Creamery’s dairy heritage is over 100 years strong and originates in Armagh County, Ireland, inspiring its namesake. Their dairy farming traditions have passed down through five generations of McDowells, with three generations currently carrying on the legacy. Just like their ancestors, they remain committed to making organic yogurt and cheese in small batches, with pure, simple ingredients and milk from their pasture-raised cows.

So what, exactly are those family traditions? To put it simply: everything is produced from start to finish on the family farm. This farmstead process involves raising their own heritage breed cows, letting them graze on their native grasses, milking them on site for the freshest ingredients possible, and finally, producing their brie-style cheese and double cream yogurt in their own creamery. 

We feel so lucky to offer Armagh’s enduring tradition to our customers. We hope you’ll seek out their authentically rich flavors connected to that lush green land across the pond by adding  Armagh Creamery’s Organic Yogurt to your order today. Sláinte!

Texas Olive Ranch

Texas Olive Ranch is a family run olive oil producer located in Carrizo Springs, Texas. In 2009, Jim Henry and his partner Jerry Farrell joined forces to realize their vision for Texan olive oil, which was thought to be unimaginable- 20 years later, they're producing 25,000+ gallons of some of the best Arbequina olive oil we've had the pleasure of experiencing. 

Pure Pastures

Pure Pastures is a family-owned and operated ranch in Canyon Lake, Texas. They practice 100% regenerative farming techniques and produce some of the most delicious, nutrient-dense meats in the heart of Texas Hill Country. 

Windy Bar Ranch

Windy Bar Ranch's 100% source verified Black Angus Beef is as storied as the family that owns and operates the Ranch. Dating back to the 1850's, Michael Klein comes from a long line of cattle ranchers and Windy Bar's story begins when he and his father bought their first angus heifers back in 1983.

Behind the Oaks Farm

Behind the Oak Farm, is a multi-generational, family-owned farm that sits just outside of San Antonio, TX. The Greaves family has maintained Behind the Oak since the 70’s, and have made extensive efforts to change the way farming is done. If you find yourself in the small town of Schertz, you may run into Samantha Platt and her husband, Zachary, along with their 4 children, who will help show you how much they care about their animals.

Richardson Farms

Richardson Farms is a family-run farm located in Rockdale Texas. Owned by Jim and Kay Richardson, this sustainably-minded operation raises grass-fed beef, pastured pork, free-range chicken, turkey, and even ducks! Plus they also run a raw milk dairy and sell their farm-fresh eggs to the folks of central Texas. 

Lightsey Farms

Meet Mary Lightsey of Lightsey Farms. Mary is born and raised Texan on land that’s been in her family for over 100 years. Now, she owns and operates that land to grow some truly remarkable produce.


Rambler was inspired by the crystal-clear limestone-filtered swimming holes that defined their childhoods. They’re committed to conserving these natural areas for future generations, which is why they’re proudly partnered with Texas Parks & Wildlife Foundation and American Rivers.