Our Producers

The Salumeria

Picture this: A young boy seated at a picnic table alongside his dad, making salami on a hand-cranked meat grinder. Seems like a fairy tale, right? But it’s the real deal, a flashback to perhaps the first glint of what would become The Salumeria.

Texas Gourmet Pasta

Pasta is at its best when it’s made with fresh, local ingredients—and that’s been the key to success for Texas Gourmet Pasta. This small company in Round Rock, Texas was founded with a commitment to use fresh vegetables and herbs from local farmers.


You’ve gotta have a little sass if you’re making head-turning hot sauces for the masses. Yellowbird’s “wildly unmannered” spirit shows up in their flavors and their approach. Erin and George founded the company in Southeast Austin in 2012. One, a passionate hot pepper grower, and one, a self-taught sauce maestro,

Fiesta Tortillas

The Picos family has never lost sight of the core value at the heart of their tortilla business: Family. Central Texans know Fiesta Tortillas. Since 1984, founders Jaime and Elvira Picos had a simple mission: to make delicious, 5-ingredient tortillas without additives or preservatives.

Jake & Jubi's

Co-founder Katie Liesmann credits her mom for introducing her to so many delicious foods, but when she lost her in 2013, it raised questions about the confusing accumulation of healthy eating advice. With so many conflicting opinions on whether or not certain foods were safe to eat, Katie confronted the issue head-on by creating snacks that fulfilled two simple requirements: They had to bring joy, and they had to be made from simple ingredients that were easy to understand.

Parker Creek Ranch

Since 1846, Parker Creek Ranch has been operating on land located 50 miles west of San Antonio. Owners Mandy, a fifth-generation farmer, and Travis, a seventh-generation farmer, are the current stewards of the land and they’ve played a big role in evolving their practices to fit the current century.

Emadi Acres Farm

“Smaller is smarter.” This is the philosophy embraced by Emadi Acres Farm, and it’s been quite the revelation for its sole farmer. 


“Family first, family second, business third.” This inspiring approach has fueled Siete’s success story and has us so honored to be working with them.

Johnson's Backyard Garden

It started in an East Austin backyard and grew into a 186-acre farm.

Brenton Johnson must’ve seen Austin’s appetite for farm-fresh produce coming. In 2004, he started growing beautiful produce in his backyard and delighted in his bounty. He loved growing fruits and vegetables, so he took it a step further and began selling at farmers markets (he credits his experience selling grilled cheese sandwiches at Grateful Dead shows as giving him an edge in those early days). His clientele grew to the point that he could launch his own CSA program in 2006, selling to around 30 Austin families; in that same year, his success drove him to expand his operation to 20 acres of land east of Austin.

Middle Ground Farm

Even the armadillos are welcome at Middle Ground Farm.

This small 30-acre farm is located along the beautiful Colorado River in Bastrop County, Texas. Their Certified Organic produce is a testament to the love they show for the land and the creatures living on it. Not only does this include native pollinators, but it also includes armadillos. (We like imagining these armored mammals as planting buddies for the Middleground farmers while they harvest.)

Fagan Family Farms

Fagan Family Farms is a USDA Certified Organic Farm in Kyle, Texas using a high tunnel farming system to grow crops year-round. To put it simply, the high tunnel is an isolated growing environment wherein sunshine warms and enriches the soil resulting in “solar gain.” This allows farmers to start growing plants earlier and even extend growing seasons into the fall and winter.

The Sourdough Project

Jen’s devotion to her wild-yeast starters began in part because of a sensitivity to gluten. Although not entirely gluten-free, sourdough cultures have the ability to break down gluten proteins that cause inflammation and sensitivity.