Richardson Farms Milk (Austin)

The FoodThe milk from Richardson Farms doesn’t just do your body good. These farmers are fanatical about keeping happy and healthy pasture-raised cows who enjoy a five-star diet of grass and non-GMO feed. Each bottle passes through a low-temp pasteurization process to retain the natural enzymes and proteins produced in every A2-verified* cow, which means you’re getting full flavor and maximum health benefits in every silky-smooth sip. So grab the cookies and pour a glass, because it’s snack time all the time when this miracle milk is in the fridge.

The Farm: Richardson Farms is a sustainably-minded farm located in Rockdale Texas. Their dairy sits right alongside their pasture-raised cattle, pigs, chickens, turkeys, and even ducks! With veterinary and nursing backgrounds, Jim and Kay Richardson truly love raising their healthy, pasture-raised cows as naturally as possible — and never with the use of BGH (bovine growth hormone) or antibiotics.

The Process: *A2/A2 genetics means these cows only produce the A2 beta-casein protein, which is more easily digestible than A1 milk (the predominant option in the US).

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