RANCHERS | Parker Creek Ranch

Since 1846, Parker Creek Ranch has been operating on land located 50 miles west of San Antonio. Owners Mandy, a fifth-generation farmer, and Travis, a seventh-generation farmer, are the current stewards of the land and they’ve played a big role in evolving their practices to fit the current century.

Originally, this D’Hanis, Texas ranch was used by generations of Travis’s family for cattle. After earning his Bachelor’s of Science degree from Texas A&M, he worked as an educator and biologist briefly before returning to his family’s ranch with a plan to raise poultry. Mandy shared a similar path to Travis, having also graduated from Texas A&M and working in the same arenas. In 2011, their relationship reunited them to run the ranch together, and in 2012, they married and started the next chapter of their journey.

The big idea Travis and Mandy wanted to promote was a commitment to conservation and community. They wanted to return the land to its heritage through a pasture-raised approach that would allow native grasses and savannahs to flourish. Their cattle, pigs, ducks, chickens, and turkeys roam, forage, and fertilize as nature intended, which has reduced their carbon footprint and impacted their dream of regenerating the landscape.

The family remains committed to restoring soil biodiversity through their practice of regenerative agriculture. Travis continues to learn all he can about holistic land management and the fight against climate change. His articles can be found on his blog,The Pastoralist. For this small farm, it all comes back to the big picture: to connect their community to the land through nutritious and flavorful products while holistically managing thesoil, water, plants, animals, and people.

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