Texas Gourmet Pasta

Pasta is at its best when it’s made with fresh, local ingredients—and that’s been the key to success for Texas Gourmet Pasta.

This small company in Round Rock, Texas was founded with a commitment to use fresh vegetables and herbs from local farmers. As a result, they’ve been a big hit at local farmers markets for years, selling scrumptious vegan pastas to the Austin community. In fact, their pastas are so delicious, they tout, “Our motto is to get you off sauce!”

TGP currently offers over 40 handcrafted varieties of artisanal pasta, including linguine, fettuccine and fusilli. Made with non-GMO, 100% durum whole wheat flour, every bite is packed with fresh herbs, spices, and real vegetables. Not only are these pastas bursting with flavor, they pop with color because of all the local ingredients. To top it off, eggs and dairy are excluded, making every one of their pastas vegan.

A true Austin favorite, it’s pretty easy to see why this pasta has won awards. It makes for a mouthwatering twirl of gourmet noodles, but it’s also a great option for busy bees wanting to settle into a quick bowl of comfort food with a healthy kick; there’s nothing easier than boiling a pot of water for a meal. And last, it goes without saying—this is the perfect vehicle to enjoy your Texas-grown, seasonal produce with.

As they say: “Explore the pasta’bilities!” Add Texas Gourmet Pasta’sLemon Pepper Linguine,Garlic and Black Pepper Fettucine, orSpinach Garlic and Roasted Red Bell Pepper Fusilli to your order today!