You’ve gotta have a little sass if you’re making head-turning hot sauces for the masses. 

Yellowbird’s “wildly unmannered” spirit shows up in their flavors and their approach. Erin and George founded the company in Southeast Austin in 2012. One, a passionate hot pepper grower, and one, a self-taught sauce maestro, this duo had the idea to create hot sauces with thick and smooth flavors, local ingredients (not the fake filler ones), and most importantly—with soul. They set out on a mission to work with small farms and farmers, with a team just as pumped as they were to create something unique for the Austin community. This labor of love continues to this day, with carefully-crafted hot sauces and condiments made from fresh, ripe and juicy ingredients.

Almost a decade later, the fandom continues to grow for Yellowbird’s bold and fiery concoctions. They’ve received shout-outs in Food and Wine Magazine, New York Magazine, and recently,Hot Oneshost Sean Evans highlighted the Yellowbird Habanero as one of his “Mount Rushmore” hot sauces, giving it a chef’s kiss salute on his show. We couldn’t agree more. And if you want to roll with the robust flavors of organichabanero peppers, garlic, carrots, and tangerine, you’re just a click away!

We’re so proud to partner with Yellowbird, a true Texas gem. Embrace the wild flavor and add a bottle of YellowbirdHabanero,Serrano, orJalapeno hot sauce to your order today!