The Picos family has never lost sight of the core value at the heart of their tortilla business: Family.

Central Texans know Fiesta Tortillas. Since 1984, founders Jaime and Elvira Picos had a simple mission: to make delicious, 5-ingredient tortillas without additives or preservatives. Ever since then, they’ve been a regional powerhouse, pumping out their freshly-made tortillas daily to local restaurants and grocery stores. Choosing freshness over shelf life was a challenge from the start, but it was a gamble that drove their success as they gained more and more fans every week. (Turns out people like a product that actually tastes homemade!)

To this day, their success continues to grow—and it always comes back to family. Picos family membersJavier, Alvaro, and Thomasa are also integral to the company now, pouring their roots into products enjoyed by so many in our region. Chances are strong you’ve dipped a Fiesta tortilla chip into a bowl of salsa or guacamole at some point or another.

Through it all, Fiesta is committed to staying loyal to Austin and the surrounding communities. They’ve expanded their offerings to include GMO- and gluten-free corn tortillas (manufactured in their gluten-free facility), and their current output is2 million corn tortillas and 500,000 flour tortillas a day! Despite this staggering volume, the three generations of Picos family members working for the company rally around their belief in family tradition as their main ingredient as they continue to “build community - one tortilla at a time.”

Fiesta’s devotion to the local Austin food pipeline truly resonates with us here at MilkRun. We knew from the start that these were THE tortillas to have, and we invite you to be a part of the tradition byadding Fiesta  Flour Tortillas or  Corn Tortillas to your order today!