Jake & Jubi's

There’s a sweet story behind Jake & Jubi’s that tugs at the heartstrings.

Co-founder Katie Liesmann credits her mom for introducing her to so many delicious foods, but when she lost her in 2013, it raised questions about the confusing accumulation of healthy eating advice. With so many conflicting opinions on whether or not certain foods were safe to eat, Katie confronted the issue head-on by creating snacks that fulfilled two simple requirements: They had to bring joy, and they had to be made from simple ingredients that were easy to understand.

Jake & Jubi’s has stuck to those simple rules to produce nutty, sweet, crunchy, granola-y snacks that are simply delicious. Their treats are made from whole, unprocessed, gluten-free foods using local and organic ingredients whenever possible. A true Texas original, these snacks have been satisfying the tastebuds of farmers market patrons since 2017.

And the name Jake & Jubi’s? It comes from the family cats: Jake, a black and white cat who requires loving pets before eating, and Jubi, a “sassy black cat with an over the top ‘tude.”

We love these sweet treats and encourage you to see what all the hype is about by stocking up on a jar ofChocolate Granola Butter orGranola Nut Butter for your snack nook.