Seafood (Seattle)

The Food: Line-caught seafood from MilkRun will definitely level up your next fish fry, salmon bake, or seared ahi tuna soiree. The pescatarian possibilities are bottomless with our chef-curated, seasonally rotating seafood selection, so whether you opt to grill, bake or fry, get ready for your friends to start calling you Gorton.

The CrewLummi Island Wild’s reefnet fishery has been called “one of the most sustainable on the planet” — a head-turner of a statement! Their partnerships with tribal and state fishers in the Salish Sea allow them to pull up some of the highest quality seafood available. Every wild fish is caught respectfully and responsibly to preserve and protect these cherished creatures and the waters they swim in for generations to come.

The Selection: October 18 - 23

  • Pacific Cod 12 oz - Kenai Red Fish Co. - Homer, AK
  • Albacore Tuna Medallions 6 oz - Lummi Island Wild - Bellingham, WA

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