Anchorhead Coffee (Seattle)

The Roast: Rise and grind some Anchorhead’s Narwhal, a balanced blend created in micro-lots for incredible flavor consistency from bag to bag. It currently features Guatemala El Limonar and Sumatra IKA Red Cherry varieties. The result? A cup of joe that’s sweet and silky smooth… kinda like a narwhal.

Tasting notes: baker's chocolate, cherry, nougat, and heavy cream

The Roaster: Be Good.” It’s the Anchorhead Coffee mantra, and it’s why we love supporting their amazing crew and their consistently delicious beans and blends. In their words: “We truly do buy only the coffees that we love and we're always happy when that means it came from a small, quality single-family producer or co-op.” In a nutshell, these roasters walk the walk and talk the talk.


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