“Family first, family second, business third.” This inspiring approach has fueled Siete’s success story and has us so honored to be working with them.

The Garza Family founded Siete Foods with a mission to create heritage-inspired food with a healthy spin. Co-founder and President, Monica Garza tells the story of how, as a teenager, she struggled with multiple debilitating autoimmune conditions. It was through exercising and learning about the healing power of food, that she and her family rallied together to adopt a low-inflammation, grain-free diet.

Monica realized she had something special on her hands when her grain-free version of those familiar flour and corn tortillas of her childhood won high praise from her grandma. Because food is such a cornerstone of the Latino community, all seven (Siete!) family members embraced the mission to spread these newfound recipes far and wide, building what is now the leading healthy Mexican-American food brand.

Siete’s focus on family and wellness is what resonates with our own mission to bring the community together through food. We love food trailblazers like Siete, and we’re so happy to be offering their Grain-FreeNacho Cheese Tortilla Chips,Lime Tortilla Chips,Almond Flour Tortillas,Red Enchilada Sauce, andMild andSpicy Taco Seasonings to the Austin community.