Johnson's Backyard Garden

It started in an East Austin backyard and grew into a 186-acre farm.

Brenton Johnson must’ve seen Austin’s appetite for farm-fresh produce coming. In 2004, he started growing beautiful produce in his backyard and delighted in his bounty. He loved growing fruits and vegetables, so he took it a step further and began selling at farmers markets (he credits his experience selling grilled cheese sandwiches at Grateful Dead shows as giving him an edge in those early days). His clientele grew to the point that he could launch his own CSA program in 2006, selling to around 30 Austin families; in that same year, his success drove him to expand his operation to 20 acres of land east of Austin.

But the growth didn’t stop there. Brenton’s CSA community continued to spur his farm’s progress, and in 2010, they rallied around him to help him purchase the current farm on River Road in Garfield, Texas. And what a farm it is: 186 acres, 200+ crops, fields, greenhouses, a crew of more than 100 men and women. It’s quite the journey from the teeming backyard garden where everything began, and through it all, the JBG farmers have been committed to using only certified organic farming methods to grow their diverse assortment of high-quality fruits, vegetables, and fresh herbs. 

JBG remains active in the community, selling to local restaurants, grocery stores, and farmers markets. They also accept half-day workshare volunteers for their busiest harvesting and packing days; these volunteers receive a share of the fresh produce in return.This program is temporarily paused due to the pandemic.

There’s always a solid chance you’ll discover some of Johnson’s Backyard Garden’s beautiful produce in our weekly subscription boxes. We applaud their impact on our community and we can’t wait for you to experience their fresh fruits and vegetables that taste just like you grew them in your own backyard (wink!).