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Canby, OR

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The Butchers:Ben Meyer and James Serlin

What they Produce: Steaksfrom ribeyes to tenderloins, fresh sausages, bacon, house-cured meats, smoked hams, ground meat, stew meat.

Year Founded:2017


Butcher Practices: Revel Meat Co. provides service for small and midsize ranchers in the Pacific Northwest. Its mission is to assist ranchers to gain market access in Portland, Seattle, and the surrounding areas. Revel as a brand wholesales and retails meat from a small handful of trusted ranchers to ensure these ranchers are gaining a fair price for the animals they raise.

Certifications: USDACertified Organic and 3rd party audited for safety and quality.Their plant, Marks Meat is Organic Certified by Oregon Tilth, Animal Welfare Approved, GAP4 Certified and implements one of the most Robust Systematic Approaches to the Humane Handling of Livestock.

Fun Fact:Revel Meat Co. is one of the last USDA meat processors left in the state of Oregon.



About the Butcher

At Revel Meat Co, our mission is to contribute to a more sustainable food system by focusing on one of the largest and often times overlooked issues, meat. We proudly operate one of the last remaining USDA inspected slaughterhouses in Oregon and are committed to serving the small producers in our local food community.Revel Meat Co offers USDA inspected slaughter and custom cutting and packaging for pork, beef and lamb. Our facility is certified organic, Oregon Tilth certified and 3rd party audited for safety and quality.

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