RECIPES | Bacon and Egg Sammie

Bacon can be made and enjoyed many different ways but the tried and true fundamentals are my favorite: cooking whole strips in the oven for sandwiches and wraps, and pan frying bacon bits with a bit of water so you can cook them longer and get them nice and crispy with a little tenderness so they don't crumble under a fork. Oven cooked bacon can be done ahead of time and reheats really easily for quick BLTs and the bits are great in salads, hashes, breakfast burritos... you get the jist. Here are some really easy recipes for bacon prep!


  • 2 slices of Tabor Bread Pan Loaf
  • 2 eggs
  • 3 strips of bacon, cut in half (as much as you want, really)
  • About 2 tsp of chilled bacon fat, 2 additional tsp of bacon fat set aside
  • 1 tbsp dijon mustard


Have an oven set to 400℉ and a couple warm pans ready.

  1. Line a baking sheet tray with foil, place bacon, and bake for 15mins (or more depending on desired crispiness)
  2. Meanwhile slowly heat a cast iron pan and a nonstick pan.
  3. Slice your bread, and smear 1 tsp of chilled bacon fat on one side of each slice.
  4. Crack two eggs, and beat with a fork until uniform
  5. Place bread slices bacon fat side down on the hot cast iron at medium heat. Don't touch it for 6 minutes. At 6 minutes, make sure that the bread has started becoming a deep golden brown- if so, flip the slices, and turn off the burner.
  6. At medium high heat, add the remaining bacon fat to the small nonstick pan, and spread it evenly as it melts. Then, add your beaten eggs.
  7. Immediately stir the eggs with a spatula until it starts to look custardy, and once it does, lower the heat to medium. Immediately shape it so it will cover a slice of bread evenly.
  8. Once you've shaped the scrambled egg, carefully flip it, and remove from heat. It will finish cooking and remain nice and fluffy.
  9. At this point, the bacon is either ready, or almost ready. Take it out of the oven.
  10. Smear Dijon mustard on each slice (non-bacon fat side) of bread, place your rectangle shaped scramble and your bacon- Enjoy! (great with hot sauce too!)