RECIPES | How To Cook Spring Greens


Dark leafy greens or raabs (like flowering kale, flowering tatsoi, turnip greens, mizuna - anything flowering, kale or chard - especially those sweet, tender, baby spring kale leaves)

Olive Oil



Red Pepper Flakes or crushed Calabrian Chilis (optional)

Anchovy (optional)


For larger leaves, you can keep them whole or cut in half.

Try these greens with just about anything, chopped up and tossed with pasta and butter, finished with chili oil for an Asian meal, with a grilled piece of meat or fish or roasted chicken, or in a sandwich.How to cook spring greens


This recipe is more of a technique than a recipe. This technique is a great, hands-off way to cook hearty tender spring greens to go along with just about any meal.

I love trying this with kale and chard and especially with tender flowering greens. They are sweet and full of flavor and don't need a ton added to them to create a terrific side dish.

Start with a pot or pan that has a lid and is large enough to fit all your greens.Add a generous drizzle of oil, a smashed garlic clove or two, a sprinkle of chili flakes or crushed Calabrian chilis and a filet or two of anchovy.Use more for more greens, you don't need much oil, just barely coat the bottom of the pan. Heat over medium heat until sizzling.

Add the greens, a generous sprinkle of salt, a large splash of water (start with about 1/8 cup for one small bunch). Cover with the lid and cook over medium, check after 4 minutes to toss the greens. Cook 1-2 minutes longer until soft but not mushy, a little bit of bite is great too. Cook to your liking.