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gathering together farm

Philomath, OR

Farm Snapshot

The Farmers: John Eveland and Sally Brewer.

Year Founded:1987.

Acreage: Many small parcels of land equalling approximately 67 acres.

What they Grow: Corn, lettuce, peppers, carrots, cucumbers, tomatoes, onions, bok choy, cilantro, green beans, melons, beets, potatoes, eggplant, fennel, chard, scallions, cabbage, garlic, tomatillos, summer squash, basil, shallots, tarragon, blackberries, Kale, edible flowers, radishes, garlic scapes, strawberries, broccoli.

Farming Practices: “We believe that tending to the soil is pivotal to the quality of our produce. To do this we produce a variety of composts to meet the different growing needs and in turn develop rich, fertile soil. Our field crews perform a variety of duties such as irrigation, cultivation, trellising, mudding greenhouses, seed propagation, harvesting, hand weeding, ditch digging, planting and transplanting both by hand and mechanically.”

Certifications: Oregon Tilth Certified Organic.


Fun Farm Fact: This farm truly “gathers together” to take care of its crew! A farm-fresh snack is offered every morning at 10 am, and lunch is served to everyone 3 days a week.

The Farm

Home-cooked meals for its employees? Sounds like Gathering Together Farm lives up to its name.

Gathering Together is a Certified Organic farm founded over 30 years ago by husband and wife, John Eveland and Sally Brewer. Originally located on 20 acres, their farm has grown to approximately 50 acres today, with several small parcels of farmland hugging the Mary River, in Philomath, Oregon.

The original goal was to grow high-quality organic produce for a local restaurant John had part-ownership in. Growing a wider selection of fruits and vegetables allowed the restaurant to thrive with a prime selection of seasonal offerings. The farm soon began to find success at other restaurants, and eventually started selling at farmers markets, grocery stores, and through their own CSA program. Through it all, their namesake mission has been the same: to bring people together over good food.

The culinary foundations of this farm are still intact today starting with their own Gathering Together Farm Restaurant located on the property. Using their own fresh produce, their seasonal menus embrace the Pacific Northwest with local, sustainable, farm-to-fork flavors. And having chefs on the farm means that yes, their crew does indeed “gather together” three days a week for a rustic farm lunch. After all, these growers love what they grow, it only makes sense to fuel up with the amazing food harvested from the rich soil beneath their feet.

Gathering Together remains committed to the idea of community growth both external and internal. Beyond the farm, GTF collaborates with students and teachers for educational projects, tours, and even statewide breeding and dry-farming trials. They also foster the futures of their own employees, like Brad Burnheimer, a former restaurant employee who launched Burnheimer Meat Co. with the support of GTF owners, John and Sally. Another GTF worker,Rebecka Weinsteiger, launched her own mustard company with this same support and shared this sentiment when reflecting on her time at GTF: “I feel that I am a part of their family.”

The proof is in the people, the produce, and the passion behind it all. We hope you enjoy the wealth of regional organic produce from Gathering Together Farm!

Photo Source: Gathering Together Farm

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