FARMERS: Champoeg Farms

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St. Paul, Oregon

Farm snapshot

The Farmers: Mark and Catherine Anderson

Animals Raised: Turkeys, Chickens, Ducks, Geese and Laying Hens for Eggs.

Year Founded: We have been raising poultry on pasture for 18 years but our family roots run deep in the area. Mark's family has been farming in the Champoeg region since 1856. His great grandmother even grazed holiday turkeys on the acorns in what is now Champoeg State Park's oak grove area and took them to market in the early 1900's.

Acreage: 30 acres of pasture

Farm Practices: Pasture Raised, Regenerative and Multi-species Rotation

Quote: "Our birds are Pasture Raised with ample space, fresh air, sunshine, open pastures & lots of exercise. They areflavorful, juicy, tender, more nutritious from the pasture and always antibiotic free. They arelocally raised in St. Paul, Oregon (30 minutes south of Portland) by ourFamily Farm with 16 years experience in pasture poultry. We raise our birds from chicks/goslings all the way through to processing right here on our farm. You can purchase directly from the farmer and pick up your bird right where it was raised just for you."


about the farm

Our history is deeply rooted in the Champoeg (sham-poo-ee) area. Our family settled here on the French Prairie in 1856 and once owned the ground that is now the site of Champoeg State Park. Along with operating a sawmill on Champoeg Creek and a bowling alley in the now extinct town-site, our great grandfather grazed turkeys in the oak grove for the holiday market, back when forest and pasture raising was the norm. Our family continues to farm adjacent to the park and in the surrounding Champoeg area.

We are deeply grateful to continue the farming tradition on our own small farm, focusing on pasture raised meats, and we can only hope our children will have the same opportunity in the future.

Farming is a way of life for us. Not only does it support our family, it also sustains several valuable employees and young folks who work on our farm both year round and seasonally. One of our missions is to support and train diligent and capable people so they are able to thrive as employees or future entrepreneurs. While we value the pasture raised products that are produced on our farm, the real value is in the people who do the work and are supported by this way of life and by the good folk who buy from and support our farm.

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