MilkRun Calendar 2022 (Austin)

As we head into the new year, we are both commemorating where we've come and looking ahead with our very first ever MilkRun calendar, featuring the photography of Carl Johanesen (@johanesenphotography). When he's not running operations for our Austin market or going on adventures with his dog, Joey, he's capturing the people, places, animals (and vegetables) he meets through his camera lens. He's been with MilkRun from the beginning, moving from Portland to Austin to open our third market. You'll recognize his style from almost all the photography of the web site. 

This calendar features the furry and feathered companions of our favorite farmers and ranchers in Austin and the Pacific Northwest. You'll recognize farms like Shirttail Creek in Brenham and Pure Pastures in Canyon Lake. If you love MilkRun, you'll love this. Keep up with your subscription delivery dates with a fresh calendar!

Jan-Dec. 2022

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