RANCHERS | Wholesome Meats

Wholesome Meats is a mission driven, Texas-based beef brand dedicated to facilitating consumer adoption of regenerative agriculture.

Regenerative agriculture describes a holistic approach to food and farming system by focusing on improving the resources we use, rather than destroying or depleting them. These practices are most impactful through rotational grazing, or intensive management. In this technique, animals are moved through small areas in the pasture to improve soil, plant, and animal health. By only using one portion of the pasture for grazing at a time, it gives the remainder of the pasture time to “rest.” Resting grazed pastures allows forage plants deepen their root systems, sequester carbon, and grow back stronger than before.

By utilizing regenerative agriculture, Wholesome Meats is able to offer the most delicious and nutritious premium ground beef, while helping heal the planet. Regenerative techniques protect the soil from overgrazing and rebuild rich topsoil that captures harmful carbon from the atmosphere. This leads to a product that is as good for the land as it is for the rancher, for the cattle, and for the consumer. Win-win-win.

Wholesome Meats partners with family-owned ranches like Pure Pastures, Parker Creek Ranch, and Behind the Oaks Farm to offer your family premium regenerative ground beef. To learn more about Wholesome Meats, check out their website and their recent press coverage in AgFunderNews and GreenBiz.

We’re thrilled to offer Wholesome Meats 100% grass-fed beef in our Butcher's Choice Subscription. Order yours here.