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schott family farm

Woodburn, OR

Farm Snapshot:

The Farmers:Elaine and Rolen Schott, their daughter Emily and her husband, Josh.

Year Founded:1986

Acreage:Less than an acre.

What they Grow:Bluecrop, Coville, Early Blue, and Berkeley Blueberries.

Farming Practices: All berries arehandpicked and sold to customers throughout the Willamette Valley. The growing season usually runs from late June until early August.

Fun Farm Fact:The vintage blueberry bushes that started it all have been (and still are) going strong since they first blossomed over 60 years ago.


About The Farm:

We always look forward to the Pacific Northwest summers. Sure, the weather is part of the equation, but from June to August, we’re especially hyped for the delightfully luscious blueberries from one of our favorite fruit producers: Schott Family Farm.

Located in Woodburn, Oregon, this small blueberry kingdom was founded in 1986 by Elaine and Rolen Schott, who ran the farm while raising their four kids alongside fields of fresh blueberries. The couple’s less-than-an-acre patch of land included vintage blueberry bushes that have been (and still are) going strong since they first blossomed over 60 years ago. When Elaine and Rolen considered doing away with the berries altogether after a particularly rough price and demand cycle, their daughter Emily and her husband, Josh stepped in to preserve the tradition by offering handpicked berries to the farm-fresh fans of the Pacific Northwest.

Since 2017, Emily has been working alongside her parents to continue steering the business every summer, offering four delicious blueberries varieties—Bluecrop, Coville, Early Blue, and Berkeley—at farmers markets around the region. Her childhood memories oftelling stories and playing games still drive her passion for her work, but nowadays, it’s all about cultivating new relationships as her local fanbase keeps growing around her.

We consider ourselves proud members of that fanbase, and hope you enjoy Schott’s Blueberries whenever we can get our hands on ‘em!

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