FARMERS: Boldly Grown Farm

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Boldy Grown Farm

Skagit Valley, Washington

Farm snapshot

The Farmers:Amy Frye and Jacob Slosberg

Acreage:12 acre

Farming Practices:certified organic

Certifications:USDA, Agricultural Growing Standards


about the farm

Boldly Grown Farm is a family-owned, certified organic mixed vegetable farm in Skagit Valley, Washington. Our primary focus is on growing high-quality fall and winter storage vegetables for wholesale markets. We are a 10-12 acre, high-production farm with a strong focus on efficiency and mechanization.

Boldly Grown Farm is owned and operated by Amy Frye and Jacob Slosberg. Amy grew up running around on her grandparents' farm in Minnesota. Jacob is a Seattle native who grew up enjoying the outdoors. We spent a decade in Vancouver, BC, where we met at the Centre for Sustainable Food Systems at the University of British Columbia's organic farm.

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