Portland Announcement

Welcome to the new milkrun experience

We're beyond excited to introduce you to the new MilkRun experience. At MilkRun we believe that a small commitment from everyone is all it takes to change the world. Imagine the impact if every neighborhood bought just their eggs from a local small farmer!

"MilkRun makes it easy for every home in America to buy even just their eggs from a local farmer. Because we believe changing the world begins one neighborhood - and one egg - at a time."

- Julia Niiro, small farmer / founder

What's changing?

We’re still sourcing amazing food from the small local farms you know and love, but we’ve moved to a subscription model that makes it easier than ever to get the best local produce, pasture-raised meat, eggs, milk and freshly baked bread sourced delivered to your door every week.

Our ask - sign up for your core grocery staples

Subscribe to your farmer today to get the best locally sourced grocery staples delivered every week, and in turn, become a small but mighty part of the solution to creating a more sustainable food future for us all.

Thanks for giving a MilkRun subscription a shot, and here’s to working together to create a sustainable food future!

Friday, October 15th will be the last day to order from our marketplace.