Eating salad as an open-faced sandwich is more satisfying than just sticking a fork in it, and good sourdough bread has a low glycemic index, which helps keep your blood sugar and insulin levels lower. Also, most importantly, it tastes great!
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Hunting for an efficient and cost-effective way to offer produce to her community, Oregon farmer and tech entrepreneur Julia Niiro launched MilkRun in 2018. With limited options in the area, she built an online marketplace where local farmers, bakers and butchers could sell goods directly to consumers. Niiro and her team developed a distribution system with 100+ farmers and producers, now feeding over 3,000 customers in Portland and Seattle. In addition to connecting communities with local artisans, all suppliers to the MilkRun marketplace take home more than double the revenue they make when selling direct to customer, helping sustain local farms and encouraging future generations.