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Smith Tea (Portland)

We’re oohing and aahing over Smith’s selection of cozy teas. This small Portland tea maker pushes origin, craft, and creativity to the forefront to make fresh new blends with the utmost care and discipline.

  • Lord Bergamot -Ceylon Dimbula, Uva, Indian Assam teas, and the scent of citrusy bergamot oil enhance traditionalEarl Grey flavors. (Black Tea)
  • Rose City Genmaicha - A twist on Japanese genmaicha, notes of roasted rice, grassy green tea, rose petals, and manuka honey provide a soft umami flavor. (Full Leaf Green Tea)
  • Meadow - A vacation in a cup. This caffeine-free tea is made withEgyptian chamomile, South African rooibos, fragrant hyssop, lemon myrtle, rose petals, and linden flowers. (Herbal Infusion)
  • Soother Sayer - Organic peppermint, ginger, nutmeg, and echinacea combine to rejuvenate your day, soothe your spirit, and taste good, too. (Herbal Infusion)
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