Pasture-Raised Poultry (Portland)

The Food: Happy, healthy, pasture-raised birds with nutrient-rich diets — that’s the MilkRun way. The chickens in our poultry selection check every box on our stringent list of sourcing standards, and each bite of every flavorful cut is certified life-changing. Your order includes a seasonal selection of chicken breasts, leg quarters, thighs, and ground meat, so get that grill ready ASAP.

The Farm: Marion Acres is a labor of love operation just 20 minutes west of downtown Portland. Farmers John Mathia and Geoff Scott raise their chickens the old-fashioned way, letting them roam across acres of pesticide-free pastures. These happy cluckers forage on bugs and organic grasses with a limited ration of organic, non-GMO (no-corn/no-soy) vegetarian feed to supplement their diet, resulting in the healthiest and most nutritious poultry possible.

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