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Pasture-Raised Poultry (Austin)

The Food:Happy, healthy, pasture-raised birds with nutrient-rich diets — that’s the MilkRun way. The chickens at Behind the Oaks Farm check every box on our stringent list of sourcing standards, and each bite of every flavorful cut is certified life-changing. Your order includes a seasonal selection of chicken breasts, leg quarters, thighs and ground meat, so get that grill ready ASAP.

The Farm:Behind the Oaks is a family-owned farm in Austin, TX. Third-generation owner-operators Samantha and Zachary Platt are dedicated to giving their flocks the good life while maintaining a strong and sustainable connection with the land they love. In return, the animals play a critical part in the farm’s regenerative agriculture cycle, giving back to the earth and naturally nourishing the lush pastures upon which they graze. ‘Tis truly the circle of life at its finest. 

The Selection: August 2-8

Feeds 1-2 people

  • 2-pack Leg Quarters - Behind the Oaks FarmSchertz, TX
  • 2-pack Boneless Skinless Breasts - Behind the Oaks FarmSchertz, TX

Feeds 3-4 people

  • 2 x 2-pack Leg Quarters - Behind the Oaks FarmSchertz, TX
  • 2 x 1lb Ground Turkey - Behind the Oaks FarmSchertz, TX

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