Lulubelle's Milk (Portland)

The Food: 1/2 gallon Whole Milk. Lulubelle’s Creamery produces fresh milk products from Willamette Valley dairies run by Wild Rose Foods. The cows happily graze on the glorious emerald green pastures of east Oregon while enjoying a diet of fresh, organic alfalfa. Legend has it that their lavish lifestyle is the secret to producing this higher-fat milk with a delightfully creamy texture.

The Farm: Straight from cows living their best lives on rolling fields of Willamette Valley alfalfa, Lulubelle’s premium milk is organically certified, creamy, and definitively delicious. Lulubelle operates under the banner of Chuck Eggert’s Wild Rose Foods, a company with a special focus on Oregon’s agriculture and a commitment to animal care and restorative practices.

The Process: Lulubelle's local milk is gently pasteurized using a High Temperature, Short Time (HTST) process which preserves the milk’s natural colors and flavors (as opposed to long-haul Ultra High-Temperature pasteurization, which produces negative effects). This milk is homogenized, with fat evenly dispersed throughout (no shaking necessary).

1/2 gallon

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