Farmers Choice Medium (Austin)

The Selection: Each week, we’ll feature 8-10 peak season fruits & vegetables from your local farms along with tips and recipe ideas to help you make the most of your seasonal bounty. Best of all, you’ll learn about your farmers and where each item in your box is grown. Hint, it’s close! We aim to keep our average radius under 150 miles. The medium box is designed to provide veggies for 3-4 dishes and 2-3 servings of seasonal fruit for breakfast or snacking.

Check out the farm notes for this week's selection.

How We Source: MilkRun brings the best produce of the farmers’ market to your door. We curate weekly selections for you, so you can focus on eating the best of the season while knowing you’re supporting your local farmers and protecting the health of your local food system. We plan, coordinate, and source directly with our trusted producers to provide the freshest fruits and vegetables from your region each week.  Learn more about our  sourcing standards here.

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