Texas Coffee Traders (Austin)

The Roast: We live for the giddyup we get from a great cup of coffee, especially when it’s a bag of Cafe Monteverde, a special roast from Texas Coffee Traders that supports social and environmental initiatives in Monteverde, Costa Rica. For every pound of this coffee sold, Texas Coffee Traders sends a dollar back to the Monteverde community. Fuel up with this Fair Trade Blend featuring notes of grapefruit acidity, bakers chocolate, cranberry, and caramel.

The Roaster: RC Beall traveled to the Monteverde region of Costa Rica in 1990 and met Carlos Vargas, the manager of a coffee-producing co-op called Santa Elena. The two established one of the first fair-trade relationships in the United States, and brewed a lifelong friendship stronger than a cup of their caffeinated masterpieces. RC and his wife, Beth co-founded Texas Coffee Traders in East Austin in 1994 and the company has been slinging lattes and roasting beans from all over the world ever since.


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