Grass-Fed Beef (Austin)

The Food:  A juicy cut of beef marbled to perfection is a true work of art. There’s no rub waiting on the other end of that rhetoric — aside from whatever you’re slapping on the next cut from MilkRun. The succulent beef and steaks in this rotating meat selection were raised deep in the heart of the Lone Star State and pack plenty of Texas-sized flavor. Meat sweats, we surrender to you. 

The Farm:  Shirttail Creek Farm sits on the rolling Blackland Prairie just outside Brenham, TX. A testament to doing it right — and doing right by the animals — Sam and Carolynn Moffett’s livestock are100% pasture-raised and contain exactly 0% hormones, antibiotics, or steroids. Days spent grazing on grass that’s free of chemical herbicides and pesticides makes for a happy and healthy herd, which means you’re getting the best beef this side of, well, anywhere.

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