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Canby, OR

About the farmer

Caring for dairy cattle is a full time job! We love our cow-lebrities, and are up to feed at sunrise and even ready to help a cow give birth at midnight, when needed. We provide “round the clock” care for our cows.Our love for dairy cows has been historically rooted in our family since the time our ancestors came to the United States and established several dairy farms here in the Northwest. TMK Farm began a registered dairy program around 1987 when Todd Koch bought his first Holstein heifer. By 1997 our milking cow herd grew to the point of establishing our own dairy facility and, through a tremendous family effort, we built a dairy in Canby, Oregon. Over the years TMK Farm has established an aggressive breeding program to institute excellent dairy genetics.

TMK Farm is a small, family farm that has enjoyed the privilege of dairying and continues diligently breeding for exceptional dairy genetics. The “dairy cow” has provided us the opportunity to cultivate some great friendships and exciting dairy genetics.

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