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Garry's meadow fresh milk

Mulino, OR

About the Farmers

Owned and operated by third-generation dairy farmer, Garry J. Hansen, Lady Lane Farm is the personification of a small, traditional, and sustainable dairy that prides itself on its environmentally friendly initiatives. These qualities are exemplified in the use of reusable glass bottles, holding the highest regard for the welfare of their cows, and only raising Jerseys which have less of an impact on the environment. Surrounded by the scenic Milk Creek Basin, Lady Lane Farm which features Garry’s Meadow Fresh milk keeps their cows out on pasture as much as possible. The cows at Lady Lane Farm are raised without hormones and rBST, producing milk that is notably higher in calcium, protein, and nonfat milk solids than conventional milk. With the milk processed at a low pasteurization level and being non-homogenized you get the cream separation on top.

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