Named after the Italian word for chorus, Coro by Salumi is run by two women combining old-world techniques with new harmonious flavors in the heart of Pioneer Square.

We can’t wait to deliver these bold ambitious flavors to your doorstep. Join the growing fanbase — add these cured handcrafted salamis to your order today!

The current selection includes:

  • Classic - A hint of garlic and ginger puts a modern spin on this traditional house favorite.
  • Mole - Cocoa, cinnamon, and chipotle create a zingy medley of sweet, savory, and spicy flavors.
  • Agrumi - Building on new realms of flavor, this newer creation sings on the palate with a fusion of cardamom, orange peel, and red chili flakes.
  • Finocchiona - Fennel, black pepper, and a touch of curry are combined in this richly spiced offering
  • Lemongrass - Cumin and aromatic lemongrass create something completely unexpected and fun.
  • Chorizo- Smoked paprika, cayenne, and chili flakes combine for a modern take on the Spanish classic.

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