Farmer Support Box

This is a donation to support our local Texas farms and help them rebuild after devastating loss from the recent storms. All donations will go directly to our farm partners to help them re-seed, fix irrigation, and get back up and running.

The recent and unprecedented storm we have just been through has been hugely impactful on our regional agricultural systems. This week, farmers and ranchers across Texas are learning the full scope of loss and damage to their livelihood. Despite best efforts to secure green houses, cover crops and stock up on propane, farmers’ efforts proved no match for the freezing rain, sustained low temperatures, and loss of power. 

Today we know that most of our farmers are experiencing an almost total crop loss. This loss is devastating for all farmers and the hard work, time and care involved.  They will replant and bounce back, but it will take time and money. 

In the spirit of supporting farmers, please consider purchasing a Farmer Support Box. 100% of your donation will go directly to Austin Farmers to help them re-seed, fix irrigation, and get back up and running. 

If you purchase this box, you will not receive a box. We are redirecting 100% of the donation so that our farmers have space and funds to pivot for spring harvest. Funds will be allocated to our farmers in the most immediate need. Thank you for your support!

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