Hot Sauce

These small-batch hot sauces will punch up any dish with the zip and zing you’ve been seeking. Driven by seasonal produce, owner-operator Jessica Huszar crafted her unique line of flavorful ferments using techniques developed in her own home kitchen.

Häxan’s mission to create slow-aged ferments with an incredible depth of flavor has a familiar ring to it. Just like us, they’re committed to working with small farms in the Pacific Northwest. And you’ll taste the difference.

Our current hot sauce selection includes:

  • Tomatillo Poblano - Mild heat. Tomatillos and local green apples aged with jalapenos, poblanos, and garlic. Great for fish, breakfast burritos, and chilaquiles.
  • Serrano Roasted Garlic - Medium heat. Nutty roasted garlic, blackened poblano and serrano peppers with smoky mezcal, honey, and cider vinegar to boot!
  • Cherry Bomb - Medium heat. Fermented with sweet cherry bomb peppers, red Fresno peppers, and garlic. Some for your mac & cheese? Yes, please!
  • Smokey Coffee Mole - Medium heat. Fermented with cold-brew coffee, cacao nibs, Alvarez chipotles, and a medley of dry and fresh peppers, tomatoes, onions, raisins, local honey and warming spices.
  • Pumpkin Habanero - Hot! Sweet pumpkin, fruity habanero, garlic, ginger. A balanced flavor that packs a punch for your soups and slow-roasted pork shoulders.

4 oz. glass jars