Farm-fresh Flowers (Austin)

The Flowers: The flowers at Farmshare Austin serve many purposes beyond the aesthetic: they attract bees (2 Hives Honey tends several active hives on the farm), which help boost pollination for flowering crops. Others attract beneficial insects which can keep detrimental pests at bay. Sunflowers serve as natural trellises for vining beans and provide shade for sun-stressed crops. 

Each week will feature a seasonal bunch highlighting one flower type, which may include marigolds, cosmos, zinnias, sunflowers, and more. Expect surprising varieties and hues week to week!

The Farm:Farmshare Austin’s mission is to grow a healthy, just and equitable local food system by increasing community food access and cultivating new farmers. Their Fresh-for-Less Mobile Markets provide fresh, organic produce to portions of the population who have the least access to it. 

Farmshare’s key educational objective is to grow more Central Texas farmers to strengthen the local food system. MilkRun is proud to include student-grown produce in our boxes, and to have several Farmer Starter alumni on staff!

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