2 Bone-In Ribeye - 16 oz

Rib-eye steaks, one of the most common and best types of steak, come from the beef rib primal cut.  Rib-eye steaks, sometimes called beauty steaks, are tender, juicy and very flavorful, with just the right amount of fat. Best cooked on a hot grill.

2 Bone-In NY Strip - 14 oz

Bone-in Strip steak is always a good steak choice, prized for its rich, hearty flavor. The best way to cook bone-in strip steak is on the grill. But pan-seared bone-in strip steak is also superb, and you can broil bone-in strip steak in the oven as well.

2 Tenderloin Filet- 8 oz

Filet mignon (or tenderloin) are, by far, the tenderest piece of meat on the steer, with an almost buttery texture. Its tenderness, coupled with the scarcity of the amount of meat on the animal, makes it the most expensive cut at the butcher. Best served with a decadent sauce or wrapped in bacon.

4 Denver Steaks - 8 oz

Cut from the center of the Under Blade, these steaks are extremely tender with a good amount of marbling and beef flavor. Best when cooked over high heat on the grill.

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