Dark Chocolate

We’re beyond thrilled to partner with Theo Chocolate, an award-winning Seattle chocolatier devoted to churning out high-quality confections for fans around the world. To top it off, their values of Community, Honesty, Excellence, and Well-Being echo our own here at MilkRun!

Our Current Favorites:

  • Salted Toffee - It’s that little pinch of salt plus a crackle of toffee that gets your tastebuds smiling. Who doesn’t want happy tastebuds?
  • Raspberry - Tangy raspberry is balanced with dark chocolate to make for a splendidly sweet and smooth treat.
  • Salted Almond- Toasted almonds, pink Himalayan salt, and rich dark chocolate. These three have always been longing for each other.
  • Pure Dark 70% - Smooth and rich and likely to disappear quickly if you’re not careful. (We’re not judging, though.)
  • Coffee Toffee - For those times when you need a little extra caffeine buzz.
  • Sea Salt - A classic combination of sweet and salty. 

These organic fair-trade chocolate bars are gluten-free, soy-free, and kosher. All bars are vegan except for the Salted Toffee bar, which contains milk.

3 oz bars.


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