This the beginning of a delicious friendship

Well, it looks like someone at MilkRun likes you a whole lot! Use your MilkRunner’s code to get $10 off your order when you start your subscription. Thanks for giving MilkRun a shot, and here’s to changing the world together —one neighborhood and one meal at a time!

Our mission is simple: Start small

"MilkRun makes it easy for every home in America to buy even just their eggs from a local farmer. Because we believe changing the world begins one neighborhood - and one egg - at a time."

- Julia Niiro, small farmer / founder

MilkRun delivers the best


Our experts curate and deliver the finest locally

grown and humanely raised food in your area. (Or anywhere, really.)


We keep it simple: Locally sourced produce, eggs,

milk, meat, bread, and a few of our hometown

favorites. That's it.


Skip the store and wait for your weekly delivery from

the comfort of your couch.

MilkRun is on the mooove

We currently have roots in Portland, Seattle, and Austin - and we're just getting started.

Start small with a dozen eggs,
or bring home the bacon


Your customizable subscription makes buying the best locally sourced staples a breeze.