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The MilkRun Mission

Know your farmer, know your food.

Good food is growing all around us and everyone should be able to access it. MilkRun makes it easy: eliminating the middleman between food producer and food consumer and delivering high-quality meat, milk, eggs, and produce straight from local farms to your doorstep. We believe that locally grown food provides nutritional benefits, creates important economic opportunities in our communities, and reduces our environmental impact.

The milkman model, re-imagined.

MilkRun merges the convenience of new technology with the longstanding ethos of the milkman: high-quality local food delivered directly by the farmers themselves. Our online platform and customizable subscription boxes allow you to easily choose what you and your family needs each week.

We serve small farms to build a better future.

Our food system is broken. Small-scale farmers disappear every year as they struggle to compete with major retail chains; we’re facing the extinction of 90% of small farms over the next 10 years. And, because of shipping, production, packaging, and marketing, less than ten cents of every dollar spent on food in grocery stores makes it back into the farmer’s pocket. Plus, grocery store produce can lose up to 40% of its vitamins and nutrients by the time it makes it into your home.

That’s why MilkRun eliminates the middleman — putting as much money as possible directly into our farmers’ pockets and delivering undeniably fresh food that’s grown, raised, baked, and produced by those in our immediate communities. We handle the technology and the logistics so that farmers can focus on what they do best: grow delicious food.

A better food system is possible.

Supporting small-scale farmers enables them to uphold the best possible practices for land and soil health, animal welfare, and nutrient density in our food. Our partnerships with local farmers in the Pacific Northwest have already allowed them to expand their operations, feed more folks in their area, and increase their own quality of life.