Seasonal Fruit (Austin)

Seasonality in Texas is best expressed through its fruit. Our fiery summers are the perfect climate for those juicy Fredericksburg peaches. In early August, exquisite varieties of figs, pears and persimmons arrive to kick off the fall. October is for apples, followed by winter citrus from down south. April, in a word: Strawberries. Blackberries, native dewberries and mulberries join the later spring harvest, until the early summer heat again brings us melons, and at last, the return of our beloved peaches. 

Total Transparency: Fruit is picky. Soil and temperature needs make fruit regionally specific to the extreme, and also susceptible to both slow and sudden climate changes.  We do our utmost to bring you what's growing in and around Central Texas (when the picking's good, it's real good!), but will also extend a friendly reach to the Rio Grande Valley for Texas citrus and up into the panhandle and beyond for pears and apples whenthatpickin's good. A subscription to seasonal fruit ensures support for local fruit growers, each in their own season.


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