Cadence Creamery Cheese (Austin)

Ten miles east of downtown Austin, Cadence Creamery make their dynamic cheeses from the ground up, tending and milking their goat herd on a daily basis. Our friends at Cadence oversee the entire production process, from animal to cheese, allowing them the freedom to push the envelope. The Maple Chipotle Chèvre captures this spirit, fusing the distinct flavors of tender maple dolce with an earthy kick of Texas-smoked chipotles and the rich tang of a fresh chèvre. 


  • Maple Chipotle Chèvre: A brilliant marriage of unlikely friends. Tender maple sweetness and spicy chipotle kick dancing on a cloud of tangy chèvre. 4.5 oz
  • Chèvre: Classic creamy rich chèvre, yet not overwhelmingly so, ideal for spreading over bread or in a mediterranean salad. 4.5 oz
  • Feta: A much lighter, less salty brining leaves room to taste this younger, fresher take on this Greek classic. 8 oz
  • Skyr: Icelandic yogurt? Crema over black beans and enchiladas? Crème fraîche with a bowl of chilled berries? Thicker and creamier then your average yogurt, this unique product is as versatile as it is tasty. 8 oz

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