Tabor Seeded Red Wheat Bread (Portland)

The Bread: There’s some serious bread-cred behind Tabor's Seeded Red Wheat. Made with their own variety of in-house milled flours and their natural sourdough starter, this 2-day fermented loaf delivers a one-two punch of rustic flavor and a satisfying seedy crunchy texture.

The Baker: Tissa Stein’s Tabor Bread is a boon to the PDX bread community. This neighborhood bakeshop has made waves locally and nationally with its own in-house mill to create flours made from diverse, organically-grown grains. Their freshly-baked organic/transitional 100% sourdough bread is made with hard white wheat flour, sifted hard white wheat flour, high mountain flour, spelt flour, all-purpose flour, filtered water, natural starter, rye scald, and sea salt.

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