The Sourdough Project

So you’ve mastered your sourdough bread recipe, what next?

That’s the question Jen Holmer El-Azzi and Danny El-Azzi were asking themselves just a few years ago after honing their craft of next-level sourdough breadmaking. Like many of our partners, their unique flavors started in their own home. Jen’s devotion to her wild-yeast starters began in part because of a sensitivity to gluten.Although not entirely gluten-free, sourdough cultures have the ability to break down gluten proteins that cause inflammation and sensitivity.

At first, Jen tackled sourdough bread, then sourdough pizza crust, then one day, she struck gold by creating a cracker that was “tangy, flaky, and somehow cheesy.” After sharing them with friends and co-workers, Jen and Danny started to sell them at farmers markets in the Austin community, quickly gaining a loyal fanbase. This eventually led to an operation that was too big for their home kitchen, and in April 2018, they launched their own company, The Sourdough Project.

Jen and Danny run the business as a team, but Jen is at the helm of culinary creation. Her secret to the perfect sourdough bread is her weeklong cold fermentation process, which allows for more complex flavors to develop. By applying this same fermentation process to cracker dough, she landed on a cracker that was simple (Texas-grown, stone-milled heirloom wheat, salt, water, and olive oil), snappy (the perfect crunch), and super “snackable”—it’s even printed right on the label.

We’re so delighted to be carrying these farmers market favorites in our shop!We are currently featuringThe Sourdough Project’s Beet & Thyme, Everything, and Sea Salt crackers. Eat ‘em on their own (we do), or pair them with a slab ofRichardson’s Montasio Cheese and a bottle of wine at the end of the day!