Texas Olive Ranch

Texas Olive Ranch is a family run olive oil producer located in Carrizo Springs, Texas. In 2009, Jim Henry and his partner Jerry Farrell joined forces to realize their vision for Texan olive oil, which was thought to be unimaginable- 20 years later, they're producing 25,000+ gallons of some of the best Arbequina olive oil we've had the pleasure of experiencing. 

The rugged landscape of Carrizo Springs in Southern Texas reminded Jim of the Basque Region in Spain, known for its Arbequina olives, and as it turns out, he was right. Jim now runs the farm with his son Josh, instilling in him the same family and farming values he was raised on- They respect the land and give back to it by using the olive pressings to feed the farm animals that keep the land healthy and fertile. 

Jim always had an affinity for farming. He grew up working on his grandparents farm and after a successful stint in retail, extensive travel around the Mediterranean studying under some of the oldest olive growing families in Italy, Greece, and Spain, he gained the foundational skills and knowledge that feeds his passion for olive cultivating. After planting another 300,000 trees in Victoria, Texas, Texas Olive Ranch is the largest producer of olives in the Southern United States. 

Add a bottle of Arbequina Olive Oil and Balsamic Vinegar your next MilkRun order to cook with, or enjoy it with a crusty chunk of Easy Tiger Sourdough Bread.