FARMERS | Siri & Son Farms

When you buy local produce, you are supporting the local economy, you are helping to protect local farmland, and you are getting the freshest and most healthful produce for yourself and your family.

We can get behind a message like that!

Siri & Son Farms is a fourth-generation, USDA Certified-Organic grower with two locations located within a 30-mile radius of Portland, Oregon. Their produce is always exquisite and delicious, a testament to their long-held beliefs in organic farming and sustainability. And, with over 200 acres of certified organic farmland, this true Willamette Valley institution is a cornerstone of the Pacific Northwest economy, striving to make a difference both locally and for the planet.

The farm’s history is an astonishing one, with roots going back to the early 1900s. At that time, Antonio Siri worked alongside 16 local growers with a simple agreement to work cooperatively. This approach set the stage for the community-minded practices still embraced today. Over the years, the farm began to take shape: Antonio started to farm his own land in the 1940s; his son, Fred followed in his footsteps with more acreage in the ‘50s. The farm continued to grow, and when Fred’s son, Jim entered into the fold in the ‘70s, the name “Siri & Son” was coined.

In 2003, Joe Siri (the fourth generation!) began studying organic farming while at Organic State University. These methods aligned with his family’s beliefs, and after wholeheartedly adopting these principles for the farm, every inch of the Siri & Son operation has been farmed organically for the better part of this 21st century. This includesconserving water via drip irrigation, using composted manure as fertilizer, using overhead irrigation and natural products for pest control, introducing beneficial insects to the land, rotating crops, using cover crops for erosion control, and a combination of tractor tillage and physical removal of weeds.

Siri & Son Farms has such a rich history in our region. We’re inspired by their efforts to positively impact our planet through the luscious produce they grow. We’re privileged to count them as one of our most trusted producing partners, and hope you enjoy their offerings whenever we get the chance to work with them!