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Richardson Farms

Richardson Farms

Richardson Farms is a family-run farm located in Rockdale Texas. Owned by Jim and Kay Richardson, this sustainably-minded operation raises grass-fed beef, pastured pork, free-range chicken, turkey, and even ducks! Plus they also run a raw milk dairy and sell their farm-fresh eggs to the folks of central Texas.

Jim is a retired veterinarian from a family of Texan farmers. He has a unique perspective concerning animal care and welfare developed during the 35+ years of his veterinary practice paired with his experience farming. Throughout his career, he continued to farm and have bountiful gardens and now he is living his dream of sharing his love of farming with others. Kay, a Registered Nurse for 40 years, keeps the farm run smoothly by coordinating the constant phone calls/orders, emails, accounting, ordering, etc.

In addition to wide-open pastures, a staple of the Richardson Farm is the 50-year-old windmill that pumps natural, good quality, potable water into large, above-ground storage tanks. The water is then pumped out to the fields, providing excellent natural water for the pigs, cattle, and chickens.

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